I was born in the mid-1970’s, not too long before my parents moved into their council house on Drayton Road, close to the Galley Hills after dad left active duty the Armed Forces in about 1979. I’ve since spent most of my life living right here on “The Cross” with my own young family. I’m a (self-proclaimed) Photographer and local historian who by day works as a full-time professional in the centre of Norwich.

Growing sick and tired of seeing the estate being constantly painted in a negative light by the media and by people who don’t know any better, I decided to fight the estate’s corner by delving into its history; how it came to be, why it came to be and how it connects the proud people who – like me – either grew up here, moved here and now call it their home, and the people who have moved away but still remember it fondly.

What I’ve managed to be able to research so far has been fascinating, heart-warming and at times heart-breaking and has only served to make me become even more proud of being a “crossy”. I’m also surprised at the sheer volumes of stuff I’ve managed to write since starting this blog, especially considering I’ve never been much of a writer.

There should be something of interest for everyone here, so please delve in and please let me know what you think.