Fix my street

Not one of my normal, long and rambling posts today, and not a single photograph will be harmed in the process:

One of the biggest bugbears I have about living in Mile Cross is the seeming apathy from some of the other residents towards issues that can make parts of the area appear scruffy and uncared for. I think that some people just assume that because of the many cuts, the Council just aren’t interested in the small things.

This simply isn’t true. Sure the Council are facing many cuts to their budget, but they still have a legal obligation to fix things that need fixing.

If you see something that needs fixing or tidying up, just report it! 9 out of 10 times Norwich City Council will be out in a matter of days to fix it and it’s sooooo easy to do:

Just take a picture of the issue (be it a broken fence, a damaged street sign, potholes, broken paths, fly-tipping, graffiti or just a tree that needs trimming to improve visibility) and simply head over to (you can do it on most smart phones) and enter the postcode, select the area of the problem on the map and write a short description. Fix my street will report the issue to the Council for you and job’s a good-un!

If we all just took a few minutes to report these issues the estate would start to look a lot tidier.




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